Crash Course: Real Estate Finance

Owning and operating a coworking space take two very different skill sets, but that doesn’t…

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How to Staff as you Scale

As part of its ongoing webinar series, the Global Workspace Association (GWA) invited three coworking…

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Corporate Coworking as Innovation Driver

As part of the second webinar of Global Workspace Association’s member-exclusive webinar series, Dr. Gabor…

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Designing with the End in Mind

As part of an ongoing webinar series for our members, the Global Workspace Association hosted…

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An Interview with Pacific Workplaces on the Acquisition of Nextspace

Join us for for a candid interview with Laurent Dhollande, CEO of Pacific Workplaces and…

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Myth or Fact – Coworking Spaces Report that Private Offices are their most Popular Membership type

In November, 2016, the GWA phone-surveyed a national sample of coworking spaces (those that identify…

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80 US Coworking Spaces Report: Expansion and Occupancy Outlook

  In November 2016, the GWA phone-surveyed a national sample of coworking spaces, those that…

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Q&A #2: How does Breather Work?

  Question: How does Breather Work? Answer: I had the pleasure of being in the…

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Q&A #1 – What Flexible Space Options Should I Consider For My Building?

Question: I’m an asset owner – what flexible space options should I consider for my…

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