Coworking Grows Up: Industry Insights from Kris Elliott

“Coworking is the only industry I can think of that gets cooler with time,” said…

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What’s Influencing the Coworking Industry in 2019?

At this point in the coworking industry, there is little question that coworking is expanding…

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6 Coworking Trends to Watch in 2019

Is 2019 a year of opportunity for coworking spaces, or is it a year full…

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Designing with the End in Mind

As part of an ongoing webinar series for our members, the Global Workspace Association hosted…

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Flexible Office RFPs Simplified – Find the Right Solution for Your Short-term Corporate Real Estate Needs

  Interested in providing flexible office options for your employees but not sure where to…

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Quick Guide to Finding Corporate-friendly, Flexible Workspace Options

Corporate employee mobility is such a hot topic these days, but we see a gap…

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What you need to know before starting or investing in a coworking space

We just released our 2017 Industry Financial Study and it’s important for us to share…

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5 Creative Catering Ideas to Help Transform your Next Event

Planning a memorable event at your coworking space can be tough. You want attendees to have…

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Trends in Coworking as Seen by LExC Members

Guest post by Dale Hersowitz It’s an exciting time to be in the Coworking industry….

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