Meet Richard: The Global Workspace Association’s Newest Advisory Board Member

The Global Workspace Association is thrilled to announce the newest addition to our Advisory Board, Richard Myers, a distinguished leader whose career spans over two decades in the commercial real estate and coworking sectors. As the President of alternawork Inc. and CEO of GBLOC, Richard brings a wealth of experience, innovation, and a commitment to social responsibility to our association. 

We asked Richard to share more about his professional journey, his vision for the future of the coworking and flex industry, and how he plans to contribute to the GWA’s mission. “My journey began over 20 years ago in the commercial real estate industry, where I honed my skills in strategic planning and team leadership,” Richard shares. His experiences at Cushman & Wakefield and as President & COO of Threat4 Ltd. have equipped him with a unique skill set and a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the workspace industry. His role in founding alternawork was driven by a desire to help companies navigate the rapidly changing real estate environment, demonstrating his forward-thinking approach to workspace solutions.

When asked about his priorities for the GWA, Richard was clear: “Help expand the community… I plan to leverage my LinkedIn network of over 30K followers to share and engage with community content,” he states. His strategy for driving innovation and growth within the association is a top priority. I’m a firm believer in the power of mentorship and look forward to supporting others in their professional journeys.

The flex office industry is evolving rapidly…” identifying deal structures, sustainability, and technology integration as significant challenges. “We own our real estate, so I can advise on pro/cons/costs etc., [we also have] combined shared office/logistics, due to this natural evolution for ecommerce merchants to have access to an office as well as manage their logistics, under one roof.Richard explains, offering his practical experience with innovative workspace solutions. 

Richard’s motivation to join the GWA’s Advisory Board stems from a deep-seated commitment to diversity and inclusion. “CBRE asked me to serve on their inaugural Diversity council… to attract more diversity to CRE. I started GBLOC to give access to my personal network and the group has since expanded to over 3100 worldwide members… allowing me to bring a global perspective as an adviser to the GWA board.

We are excited to welcome Richard to the GWA Advisory Board and look forward to the insights and leadership he will bring to our community. If you’d like to connect with Richard you can find his LinkedIn page as well as a link to his GBLOC group below!

Richard Myers LinkedIn

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