Flex Office Insights from Industry Expert Nick Bratton

Discover key insights from industry expert Nick Bratton on optimizing coworking spaces. Learn about the importance of efficient layouts, dynamic pricing, and balancing private offices with event revenue. Get valuable tips for new coworking ventures and real estate investment strategies to ensure long-term success in the flex office market.

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“Virtual Is the New Reality”: An Interview with iPostal1’s Barry Gesserman

“Virtual is the new reality,” is Barry Gesserman’s take on COVID-19 and its implications for…

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Experimenting Pays Off: An Interview with IOS Offices’ Javier Garcia

“Doing things well doesn’t cost more,” is Javier Garcia’s philosophy when it comes to building…

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Coronavirus (COVID-19): What Coworking Spaces Should Know

In the midst of a global panic about coronavirus, it seems like the official guidance…

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What is an Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®)?

An Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) is a business model that helps your team develop a…

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JLL’s Scott Homa on the future of coworking

9 Things New Owners Need to Know to Grow a Successful Coworking Business

There’s a sense of pride that comes along with starting your own business–but that pride…

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How Traditional Executive Suites Can Thrive in the Era of Coworking

This guest post was written by Flip Howard, Founder of WORKSUITES. WORKSUITES has not only…

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Building Community Within Your Space

We all hear about successful coworking spaces being built on community. But how do we…

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Hospitality: The Secret Formula to Growth

William Edmundson, Chief Operating Officer for Office Evolution, said his key to growing a coworking…

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