AMA Recap: A Diverse Journey to Coworking Innovation

Introduction to Colleen Moselle

Colleen Moselle’s journey to the forefront of the co-working space industry is as diverse as it is inspiring. With a background that spans serving in the Navy, selling medical supplies, and running a construction company, Colleen’s path to coworking was unconventional. Her foray into this field began with a quest for a more collaborative design for her construction company’s office space. This search led her to Coco, where she engaged Kyle for workspace design consultancy, marking the start of her remarkable journey in coworking.

5 Key Takeaways from Colleen Moselle’s Insights

  1. Rebranding Challenges and Lessons:
    Colleen’s experience with rebranding was a mix of struggle and learning. She humorously referred to it as “retrobranding,” highlighting the unique challenges they faced. “It’s tricky,” she admits, especially in a competitive market where even a name can be swiftly bought out by competitors.

  2. Operational Management Structure:
    At Coco, the operational strategy is finely tuned. Colleen has implemented a mix of part-time workers with one salaried employee that oversees the community management and operations at both her locations. This structure not only keeps the team happy but also avoids space exhaustion. Colleen emphasizes the importance of streamlined operations, a clear vision, business plan aligned quarterly projects and clear communication.

  3. Emphasizing Domain Authority:
    Understanding the digital landscape is key to Coco’s strategy. Colleen leverages SEO, keywords, and paid ads to enhance their online presence. “Our tour to membership conversion is very high,” she notes, which is why we focus all efforts on the CTA of “schedule a tour”, underscoring the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts.

  4. Evolving Hybrid Workspace Environments:
    Adapting to the needs of members and prospects is crucial. Colleen discusses getting involved in leadership conversations with larger members, creating custom plans, and working on furniture layouts. “We want to greet our members by name… show them that we care about them,” she says, highlighting the personalized approach they take.

  5. Employee Engagement and Appreciation:
    Colleen places a high value on employee appreciation, implementing creative and personalized gestures. From monthly gifts aligned with the company’s vision to personalized swag, her approach fosters a positive and inclusive work culture.

Conclusion: A Leader Adapting to Change

Colleen Moselle’s journey in the coworking industry is a testament to adaptability and innovation. From her diverse background to her strategic approach in managing Coco, she exemplifies how understanding and responding to the evolving needs of both members and employees is crucial in today’s dynamic work environment. Her insights offer valuable lessons for anyone looking to thrive in the coworking space or any entrepreneurial venture.

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