Childcare Coworking Spaces

On-site childcare coworking spaces is perhaps the Holy Grail for working parents. Startups, freelancers, and…

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Four Departing Board Members Honored for Tremendous Work

Four departing board members were honored for their service to the Association by GWA President Scott Chambers, during a luncheon at the Association’s 29th Annual Conference: Nick Logothetis of Symphony Workplaces; William Edmundson, formerly of Abby Office Centers; Angie O’Grady, formerly of Carr Workplaces; and Carlos Goncalves of Avila Business Centers.

Grind Partners with Verizon on New Coworking Space

GWA Member Grind has announced an initiative designed to connect with New York City's tech community by opening a coworking space at Verizon’s landmark building at 140 West Street in lower Manhattan, across from One World Trade Center.

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