Top Technology Features for Keeping Your Coworking Space Safe

Technology has made great advances in the last couple of years, all to the benefit of those directly impacted by it. In some cases, these advances come naturally, in others, they are a must. With the COVID-19 pandemic still among us, technology has proven how important it really is in helping daily life, activities and work carry on. The same goes for coworking spaces. As companies continue to strive towards bringing their employees back to the office, coworking spaces have been essential in allowing for the much-needed flexibility that is required by the ongoing pandemic. As such, coworking owners and operators have been faced with the need to implement certain technological features and utilities to provide their occupiers with a safe and productive environment. From HVAC systems to touchless features to occupancy tracking, here are some of the things to consider investing in as a coworking space owner, for what is slowly becoming the new future of work.

HVAC Systems

Working in a closed office space with other people can create an environment prone to harmful pathogens. For this reason, investing in a more technologically advanced HVAC system is essential for safely embracing a return to the office. With improved heating, ventilation and air conditioning infrastructure in place, you can ensure that your coworking space provides users with an office that is refreshed and filtered. This avoids working in the same, recycled and poor-quality air conditions, and so promotes a safe and healthy work environment for all.

Touchless Technology

One of the most essential high-end technology features to consider investing in your coworking space is touchless technology. While surface transmission is not considered a main way of transmission for COVID-19 anymore, your users can get peace of mind and feel more comfortable if they don’t need to touch the commonly used surface areas in the office. As such, investing in an app that allows users to access elevators, doors and parking is essential. The app can even be used to grant users access to the building by generating a QR code, which also eliminates person-to-person contact.

Online Reservation

Another feature that ensures a safe, comfortable and productive work environment for users is an online reservation system. With the help of this amenity, users can reserve desks, conference rooms and even social lounges, on any day they need to and for however long. An online reservation system not only helps keep an organized and safe workplace, but it also allows both the member and the coworking space operator to know when a workstation is being used and for long. Additionally, it further helps eliminate the in-person contact between users and staff through office hoteling solutions. This gives coworking space members the liberty to choose a workspace in advance, only to then use their phones to check-in, access any amenities within the office space and request maintenance or communicate with the operators in-app upon arriving at the office. This gives your occupiers the ability to feel comfortable and safe based on their own specific needs and wants within the coworking space.

Key Fob Tracking

Key fob tracking is a technological advance that uses members to improve the coworking space for it to be a better and safer space for them. To improve the workplace, access to occupancy data and information about how the space is being used is very important. As such, key fob tracking provides coworking space operators and owners with the necessary data to best optimize the space. Having insights into overall occupancy and traffic flow, owners and operators can determine the number of users within the office space at one time, what areas are used the most and during what times. This information gives the certainty with which they can continue to provide users with a comfortable, healthy and safe environment to work in.

Regardless of what the future of work may look like, technology is extremely likely to be a major part of it. More than ever, prospects and coworking members are looking for a safe and healthy workplace, so investing in high-end technology is a must for owners and operators.. For more information on how to best manage and transform the office experience in your coworking space, check out Yardi Kube coworking management software.

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