Top Features of Coworking Space Member Apps

Being a coworking space operator requires having access to the best space management tools to ensure profitability and the best member experience for your customers. For this reason, coworking software are often a preferred solution by coworking space owners. With the help of such workspace management solutions, they can market their spaces, streamline operations, provide enterprise-level technology and even enhance their members’ experience with the help of a coworking space member app. Coworking software usually provides owners with an easy-to-use member app that allows their customers to make the most of their coworking space while embracing a premier user experience. When choosing the coworking software for your space, here are some things to consider for the member app. 

Ability to Book a Space

One of the main benefits of the member app is its ability to let members book a space within the coworking space. Whether it’s a desk or a conference room, users should be able to choose which desk or room they want to use, when they want to use it and for how long. With the help of a member app, they can do this easily before even coming into the office. As such, the check-in process can be done quicker, and they can choose the space that they feel will best suit their needs once they do arrive at the office. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, this is also an ideal solution as it eliminates the need for members to get in contact with the coworking office staff.

Manage Bookings

Another important feature to offer users in the app is the ability to manage their bookings. Whether they need to cancel or modify the time or the date of a reservation, being able to do so from the app allows members to make last-minute changes. Regardless of whether they have to do these a couple of days in advance, the night before the reservation or even the morning before having to come into the office, the app gives the user the freedom to make the change on their terms. This eliminates the need for having to communicate with the office staff about such modifications and can even let them reschedule the space for whenever they need it and can make it in. 

Electronic Bill Payments

The pandemic has caused the need for electronic payment processing to increase, both in physical stores and online platforms. As such, being able to pay coworking space usage bills through the app is a convenient and easy way to make sure invoices are paid on time and that there are no outstanding charges in the account. Furthermore, invoices list all the services covered, whether they are exclusively room bookings or any other additional charges for things such as extra amenities or services not included in the standard fee. This prevents late payments and eliminates any confusion when it comes to what members are paying for. 

In-App Support

While offering members this feature along with your coworking space, it’s important to ensure that they know how to use the member app to best embrace all the advantages that come with it. As such, having in-app support that provides a how-to user guide and support while using the workspace is very important. This can come in handy if there are Wi-Fi issues, plugs that don’t work properly or if there is anything broken in the work area, as users can immediately request help within the app, and facility managers and operators are notified right away to take action and provide a top member experience. 

Communication and Events

The coworking space member app can also be a great tool when it comes to communication among users and when promoting events that take place within the space. As a coworking space operator, you can list any events happening within your space and allow your members to RSVP from the app. They can even stay on top of all the latest news and happenings within the space. Your members can also communicate with other members, allowing them to expand their network and make further connections, which provides them with a sense of community within the coworking space. All these are essential in ensuring that, as a coworking space operator, you provide your members with a top and unique experience that makes working from such a space comfortable and productive. 

Coworking and flexible office spaces are taking over the future of work. As such, coworking space operators need to make sure that their members feel as comfortable, safe and productive as they would have in a traditional office space. With the help of coworking software, like the one provided by Yardi Kube, not only can operators best manage their space, but they can provide their members with the best experience with the help of a member app. So, when choosing coworking software, make sure it’s the best choice for both your space and your members.

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