International Coworking Day is August 9th

On the 9th of August each year, coworking space operators from around the world take advantage of this special day to thank their current members, give free trials to prospective new members, or celebrate with an event or social media postings.

This year, our team at the GWA not only wanted to provide a list of ideas we’ve seen in the past but want to hear from you, our community on how your plan to commemorate International Coworking Day 2021. Tag us in your social (@globalworkspaceassociation) or send us some pics to [email protected].

Here are some of our favorite ideas we’ve seen to celebrate the big day:

  1. Throw A Party: Obvious? Maybe. Still a really great idea? Absolutely. Make it a quick Happy Hour or an all day event. No one can resist a great celebration.
  2. Giveaway: Offering something of value to your community as a one time freebie can be a great way to get them to take part in the day.
  3. Spirit Week: Instead of celebrating just one day, make it a week-long festivity. Pick a different theme each day and invite your members to get creative with their interpretations.
  4. Story Sharing: Invite your members to share how your space or their coworking community has made a difference for them or their business.
  5. Workshop: Invite a local community leader, business owner, or knowledgeable expert to share on a topic that would be insightful for your members. You could also invite one of your members that fit this build to be the workshop leader.
  6. Donuts: Simple but satisfying.
  7. Social Media: An easy way to celebrate as an industry and show some love for other spaces is you engage on your social platforms. Like a post, add a comment, or share someone’s post to your own page to support what others around the world are doing to celebrate.

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