Flex Office Insights from Industry Expert Nick Bratton

Discover key insights from industry expert Nick Bratton on optimizing coworking spaces. Learn about the importance of efficient layouts, dynamic pricing, and balancing private offices with event revenue. Get valuable tips for new coworking ventures and real estate investment strategies to ensure long-term success in the flex office market.

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Webinar Recap: Evolving Trends in Workspace 2023

Evolving Trends In Workspace 2023 Our first Coworking Council Series webinar of 2023 kicked off…

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Passing the Torch: A Q&A With William Edmundson

A Q&A with William Edmundson We recently asked outgoing GWA Board Co-President and Executive Director,…

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Introducing the 2023 Global Workspace Association Board of Directors

2023 GWA Board of Directors We are thrilled to announce the newly-elected 2023 Global Workspace…

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GWA Names Their New Executive Director

On yesterday’s first Coworking Council webinar of 2023, GWA Board Co-President, Giovanni Palavicini, announce some…

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Top Features of Coworking Space Member Apps

Being a coworking space operator requires having access to the best space management tools to…

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Top Technology Features for Keeping Your Coworking Space Safe

Technology has made great advances in the last couple of years, all to the benefit…

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Tips for Marketing Your Coworking Space in 2021

While the past year working from home became the new normal amidst the COVID-19 pandemic,…

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International Coworking Day is August 9th

On the 9th of August each year, coworking space operators from around the world take…

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The Benefits of Integrated, Automated Workspace Technology

Guest Blog Post by Yardi Kube Historically, coworking operators have approached workspace management and service…

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