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5 Tips for Growing Member Engagement

5 Tips for building community

Building community and member engagement is like planting a garden – it takes a lot of time and patience…plant the seeds, nurture, fertilize, use the right tools, give it the right inputs, experiment, harvest, repeat! What are the right seeds and nurturing steps for building a community, whether in-person or digitally? GWA member Grouplu put…

5 Ways to Save Your Staff Time

Save Time

Ideally we’d like our team to spend as much time as possible interacting with members and working on growth projects. Admin tasks detract from both of those activities. There are a number of relatively new (and simple!) tools that your team can implement to help free up time for the activities that retain members and…

What makes an effective community manager and why should you care?

Community Manager

By Diana McLaren and Caroline McLaren Diana McLaren is the Community Catalyst at Hub Sydney Caroline McLaren is Principal at CoActiv8, an organisation that establishes and operates collaborative shared workspaces.  We’re in the business of workspaces not communities. So why is a community so important in a workspace? In today’s hyper-competitive market of shared offices…