How to Attract Female Coworkers To Join Your Coworking Space

  The population of women entrepreneurs and freelancers is increasing throughout workspaces in both veterans…

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How To Position Your Workspace To Attract More Corporate Users

Just recently IBM announced that it would take over all of WeWork’s 88 University Place…

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An Inside Look at three Flexible Office Options

Curious about what flexible office options actually look like? First, an overview of what they…

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What Are The Best Design Solutions For Coworking Office Spaces?

As a concept, coworking remains relatively new, having only truly emerged during the middle of…

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Improve your member experience and simplify your access control

  Close your eyes. Imagine if you will, a world in which there are no…

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5 Insights Into What Employees Value When Paying for Their Workspace

One of the quickly evolved popularized phrases about the way we work is the “consumerization…

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Quick Guide to Finding Corporate-friendly, Flexible Workspace Options

Corporate employee mobility is such a hot topic these days, but we see a gap…

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What you need to know before starting or investing in a coworking space

We just released our 2017 Industry Financial Study and it’s important for us to share…

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How to Beat your Competition Just by Answering the Phone

In November 2016, we reached out via phone to 295 self-identified “coworking spaces” to capture…

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