Quick Guide to Finding Corporate-friendly, Flexible Workspace Options

Quick Guide to Finding Corporate-friendly, Flexible Workspace Options

Corporate employee mobility is such a hot topic these days, but we see a gap between understanding the rapidly evolving workplace trends and knowing how to act on them. If you’re IBM, you may just jump into a WeWork building and ring the bell to get your teams into a turn-key, shared space. If you’re not quite there yet, you may be trying to figure out how to assess the options and run some tests when you’re ready… that’s where we come in. We’d like to provide you with an overview of the flexible workspace market to help you understand your options.

Coworking Spaces

Myth or fact – coworking spaces are all open-plan?

Myth! 80% of coworking spaces offer private offices and 80% of those that do, have more than ten. Coworking spaces have really evolved over the last ten years. Their members vote with their wallets. Generally, members are opting for private spaces where they can be productive, amenities that help them blend work and life, and facilitated community engagement that helps them connect with others in the space. A community manager sits at the core of the culture at a coworking space. She’s a hostess, a connector, and a barista all wrapped into one.

Myth or fact? Some coworking spaces have beer on tap.

Fact! But the members don’t drink during the day. They’re doing work just like the guys at the corporate office. Picturing frat boys in hoodies? Time to update the stereotype. 66% of coworkers are over the age of 35 and they’re more likely to be a small business owner (47%) than a programmer working for a tech startup  (7%)*.

*Data from the 2017 GWA Industry Survey
Thrive Coworking in Denver

Thrive Coworking in Denver

Serviced Offices

Myth or fact – all serviced offices look and operate like Regus?

Myth! Many serviced offices offer truly flexible month-to-month office options, a high level of services including live phone answering, administrative support, and bookkeeping. Many of them offer lobby signage and a front desk manager that will greet your clients and guests in style. And many serviced office operators, while not identifying as “coworking,” have a contemporary design with a growing focus on community engagement and member experience.

Looking for a personalized service to help you manage your RFP process? Preferred Office Network is one provider that will partner with you in this process. Other options include intermediaries such as Instant Offices and Search Office Space.

Quest Workspaces in Florida


Flexible Office Offered Directly From a Landlord

Looking to settle into a space for up to three years but not committing to a day more? Consider platforms like Liquidspace. They partner with landlords to offer you turnkey, flexible office space for teams from 2-200. These spaces don’t come with locally roasted coffee or a built-in-office manager, but they can come with flexible furniture and modern designs. Other platforms will enter this space in the next 18 months making it easier for corporate clients to easily find space that fits their requirements.

altSpace in a Swig Building

altSpace in a Swig Building

*Data from table from 2017 GWA Industry Survey

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