Tech Tools for Coworking

Tech Tools for Coworking

Valentine’s Day with the Global Workspace Association saw an exciting webinar full of great tips and advice from successful coworking space professionals from across the nation. The panel of speakers spent over an hour talking about their favorite technology tools to help make their lives easier and their clients happier.

You can watch the full recording of the webinar (and get invitations to future ones) by joining the Global Workspace Association. Here’s a brief summary of some of the tools our speakers discussed.

1. Office R&D

Office R&D is a coworking space software designed to help manage client needs more efficiently than the often-clunky combination of Excel and QuickBooks.

Member features include the ability to book specific rooms on specific time slots; connect with other members and local businesses; pay membership dues; and buy online services (standing desks, etc.). Members also see a website and mobile app that is tailored to your specific brand. Backend features include a dashboard, a space to upload your floorplan and mark rented spaces, and easily navigable data about who has paid. It also integrates easily with a number of other tools, including QuickBooks.

2. WUN Systems (Happy Desk and Kube)

WUN Systems, similar to Office R&D, offerings real-time payment and booking options. Happy Desk and KUBE, two popular tools, are subsets of WUN. The company has been rolling out new features, and the software is also customizable to each individual coworking space brand and templates. Among other features, WUN allows users to upload a floor plan as well, and also has a CRM System.

3. essensys

essensys is a highly customizable platform that helps manage move in and move out procedures and streamline day to day operations and location management, even with very large teams. There are several different tools within essensys that can help with bookings and payments as well as management of operations.

4. Satellite DeskWorks

Satellite DeskWorks is a coworking specific software platform that allows members to book rooms and pay bills. Owners can see reports, network check-ins, and other data sets along with easy integration with Google calendar and other tools make the software useful, easy to use, and reasonably priced. The company also has a reputation for excellent customer support.

5. Coho Pass

Coho (Coworking Home) wanted a tool to improve ease of transactions for drop-in space rentals. Although tools for this exist, they liked the model they saw used by some parking garages: the customer swipes a credit card when entering and the machine collects its data. When they leave, they swipe again, and the machine can recognize their card and charge them at that point. This type of procedure carries the benefit of not being dependent on a WiFi connection. In order to replicate this tool for coworking spaces, Coho developed Coho Pass, which can be whitelisted in order to be customized to other brands.

6. Sequr

Sequr solves the “key problem” for coworking spaces. Instead of handing out keys or keycards that allow clients to permanently access your building (especially for coworking spaces that offer 24/7 access to clients), Sequr allows clients to use HED readers on their phones or smartwatches to access specific entrances. You can also opt to use keycards, FOBs, a clicker, or a similar device. However, you control when access is terminated, which means you don’t have to worry about making sure an unlocking device is returned to you when a client moves out. In addition, Sequr allows you to temporarily unlock all doors in a space, whether for a client or for delivery personnel so that you can avoid spontaneous (and badly timed) trips to the space to assist a client.

7. Trello

Trello is a team project management tool that allows you to manage data, checklists, demos, and project updates via boards with item tiles you can move around, update, and complete in real time for your entire team. For those already using Trello and looking to upgrade to something more sophisticated, Asana is a great option.

8. provides custom TV channels for inside your space. The straightforward visual advertising platform lets you turn any screen into a digital advertising screen that you can manage from anywhere via cloud-based storage.

9. Slack

Slack is a chat-based communication dashboard that allows you to upload files and perform some basic search functions. Aside from that, it essentially runs like Twitter. Some coworking spaces have used Slack to increase member engagement by having different categories for different topics (everything from health and wellness to group-order lunches) and encouraging coworking space clients to use the platform to communicate and network with each other.

10. Airtame

Airtame is another digital advertising platform that also displays easy-to-follow instructions on how to connect and screencast to the device on which the instructions are displayed. This can be helpful not only as an advertising platform but also as a presentation room feature.

11. Concur

Concur is an expense management platform that integrates into many other financial management platforms. It can also manage flight and hotel rentals.

12. Calendly

Calendly can interface on your website to allow you to set up tours, book appointments, or even allow you to send a link to potential clients who express interest, allowing them to get a personal email from you while still using a streamlined approach to scheduling.

13. Private Facebook Groups

Some coworking spaces have found more participation from members by using a private Facebook group for their community engagement, rather than using a dedicated social platform.

14. One Login

One Login allows you to have a single login for all compatible apps and software platforms.

15. 1Password Teams

1Password Teams provides teams specifically with a safe, secure way to share passwords with other team members. It also allows setup for varying degrees of access.

To see the full list of tools utilized by the speakers, click here.

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