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GWA Announces 2014 Officers


Annette Reizburg, Scott Chambers, Nick Logothetis and Isabel Garcia will serve as GWA’s 2014 Officers.

Annette Reizburg is GWA’s President. Annette has over 25 years of experience in the industry including assignments as president & co-owner of 7 HQ Offices locations throughout the state of Florida. Read more…

GWA Unveils New Web Home Page: Phase One of Expanded Website

New home page

GWA has implemented phase one of its new website.  The site – under the direction of GWA President-Elect Scott Chambers, Chair of the Marketing Committee and the committee team – is being redesigned to appeal to a broadened constituency and to allow the spectrum of workspace providers to add to the conversation and engage in dialogue. Read more…

GWA President Pens Sponsored Media Column on 21st Century Workspace

GWA President Annette Reizburg has written a sponsored column headlined ‘Creating a 21st Century Workspace’. The piece was distributed across Canada to 1.1 million readers by the firm MediaPlanet. Part of a newspaper addition, the eight-page campaign focuses on the entrepreneurial spirit and champions small businesses across Canada. Read more…

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Webinars Scheduled on Variety of Topics

Exciting Webinars are on the docket

Check out these upcoming OBCAI Webinars.  Please check the Calendar section of the website to keep up on these and all OBCAI activities. Read more…
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Margarita Hernandez-Andrades with RAK Business Center in the UAE Balances Global Clientele

Margarita Hernandez-Andrades

Margarita Hernandez-Andrades is the Business Center Manager for the RAK Business Center located in the United Arab Emirates.  We interviewed Margarita to learn more about the company, the region and her role with RAK. Read more…

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CMRA Regulations Available

CMRA Regulations Available

With the proliferation of Virtual Office programs, also know as “Business Identity Plans”, now may be a good time to review the commercial mail receiving agency (CMRA) regulations. Read more…

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A Note From the President

A Note From the President

It’s that time of year! I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. And for those of you that celebrate Hanukkah, I hope this “early” Season of Lights has bestowed on you the Hanukkah miracles of good health, close family ties and loving friendship. I know one thing, having Hanukkah and Thanksgiving on the same day gave all of us a gift we didn’t want…..too many calories. Latkes, stuffing, mashed potatoes and donuts are all wonderful holiday food traditions that should NEVER be experienced on the same day! Read more…