Using Google to Generate More Revenue

RECAP: Using Google to Generate More Revenue

In December, the Global Workspace Association hosted a members-only webinar lead by Evan Oder from Find Workspaces. Evan discussed how coworking businesses can use both free and paid opportunities for businesses on Google to grow their revenue. This webinar was part of an ongoing series hosted by the association and is accessible in the member’s area.

How Google Finds Your Business

Google’s search functions are incredibly proximity driven (as are most things in modern business). That means that your business is likely to rank near the top of a search. In most searches for a business or location, Google will display its paid ads followed immediately by a map pack—designated by links not only to the company website but also to directions in Google Maps. It is here that the importance of proximity comes in. A business that has no reviews but is closer to the location of the searcher than a highly reviewed business will actually rank at the top of the map pack search results.

Google can pull information about your business from a variety of sources, not just your company website. And even if your business isn’t on Google right now, Google provides ways for owners to list their businesses for Google’s map searches to find, along with providing a lot of helpful features and functions that business owners can maximize to drive more revenue to their business.

How “Google My Business” Works

Google My Business is the arm of Google that provides the listings you see when you’re searching for directions on the search engine side. If Google already found your business and listed it on the engine results, you’ll be able to claim and update the listing with everything from address and phone number to business hours, website, and social media accounts. You can also add photos of your business—a huge influencer in how likely people are to go to your location.

This is also the listing to which Google customer reviews will be linked. While these reviews may not affect where your listing shows up in the search ranking, they will affect the likelihood of potential customers to click through to your website or call your business.

You’ll also have access to data through the site that shows what types of searches are leading people to your site. Often, the top result is a Discovery search, meaning that users were not looking specifically for your business name when they found your listing on Google.

Why Google My Business?

If you’re looking for anywhere to start with boosting your online revenue stream, Google My Business may be the place to start. Why?

A proximity driven search engine means that the people finding your business via the Discovery search on Google are likely within a reasonable (20 to 30 minute) driving range of your business and could easily be converted to clients.

While you can work on SEO for your website and take other more established marketing routes like that in order to improve your search ranking, your time may be better spent pursuing an organically available option like Google My Business in order to maximize the exposure you already have to clients right in your area.

Other Features of Google My Business

In addition to adding business information, you can also use Google Posts in conjunction with Google My Business in order to further heighten the effectiveness of your listing. For example, some companies have found success listing “inventory” with their Google business listing. For coworking spaces, this would look like listing specials or listing office or virtual spaces so that potential customers know exactly what you’re offering. You can also list events or sale offers and coupons that would stay on your listing temporarily but still may entice searchers to contact your business. Ads and special offers like these can also help differentiate your business from the competition in your area.

What If I’m Not Open?

If you’re new to coworking and your doors aren’t open yet, you should still be thinking about how Google My Business can help maximize your revenue. You can list a company on Google as soon as you’re able to receive mail (you can apply for verification in order to get a listing approved in which Google sends a physical piece of mail to your business to test legitimacy). Thus, if you’re close to opening a coworking space, consider looking into getting it listed on Google. You can always hide your address, leave Google posts saying you’re open for tours but not a business yet, or whatever else will keep potential clients interested while still letting them know not to come looking for a fully functional business yet.

Other Ways to Optimize Online

Behavioral markers are an important influencer for your business’s traffic. While working with SEO, ads in other directories (such as Yelp), and paid advertising can be important, it can be equally important to make sure that your website is user-friendly. This can include everything from whether you have a mobile version of your site to how helpful your content is to site visitors.

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