Product, Pricing, and positioning:
The flexible office operation in a
Post Covid Marketplace

May 12, 2021 12:00PM TO 3:00PM EST

Having a solid understanding of what products you should consider for your operation, how best to position those products for your membership, and what you should be pricing them at will set you up for the greatest chance for success in your business.

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12:00p EST

What Does Today's Customer Want?

Needs have changed as enterprise companies have either closed or limited headquarter office availability. Not everybody wants a full time office, but everyone needs space to get their work done. So how do we ensure that our spaces are where they want to be. In this panel discussion, we will cover some of the different packages operators are offering to attract the ‘work-from-near-home’ crowd. 

William Edmundson
GWA Board President

Nick Clark
CEO of Common Desk

Morgan Neff
VP Business Development of PON

Kane Wilmott
CEO of iQ Offices

1:00p EST

Adopting and Refining Flex Strategies: What the Data Says


Did someone say Data? This latest Verdantix research report explores the alignment, and misalignment, between landlords and tenants when it comes to real estate strategy, the role of flex and expectations around flexible real estate.

William Edmundson
GWA Board President

Iain Miln
Head of Business Development

Ibrahim Yate
Industry Analyst, Verdantix
Smart Buildings Practice

1:40p EST

Understanding The Value Of Virtual

How valuable can virtual products actually be for my space? How do I even get started? In this session, we will hear from an operator that is killing it with their virtual mail offerings, as well as from leading providers to share what tips and tricks to consider to make this a viable part of your operation.

William Edmundson
GWA Board President

Ashley Buckner
COO of Carr Workplaces

Matt Going
CEO of Anytime Mailbox
GWA Board Advisor

Martin Senn
CEO of Davinci Virtual Office

2:15p EST

Selling Your Price Value

Don’t sell based on PRICE. Sell on PRICE VALUE.

Over the past year, there have been flex space operators making some drastic moves to get people in their space. But is that the right move for you? Here we will take time to focus on how to shape the price value of your business and how this can be key in setting you apart from the competition without having to slash prices to the rock bottom. 

William Edmundson
GWA Board President

Flip Howard
CEO of WorkSuites

Todd Kubecka
Avalon Suites

Laurent Dhollande
CEO of Pacific Workplaces

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