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Evolving Trends In Workspace 2023

Our first Coworking Council Series webinar of 2023 kicked off with a bang. “Evolving Trends in Workspace 2023,” was a fascinating exploration of the latest research and insights into the flexible workspace industry. In this webinar, guest James Rankin, Head of Research for The Instant Group, shares his extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, drawing on the data and insights gained over 20 plus years of working in the industry.

Drive ROI By Leveraging Outside Expertise

Tune in to hear real-life examples of how to improve your business and accelerate financial gains by leveraging experts for everything from real estate selection and strategic planning to HR, technology, sales and more. You don’t want to miss the case studies on how business owners in our industry get to the next level quicker by knowing when to use the right resources.

Part Two: Continuing The Conversation On The State Of Flex

We had raving comments come in from last months webinar and we all came to the consensus that we needed to hear more. So we are bringing more thought discussion on what the data and research shows for the Flex Office industry. Join us for our PART TWO as we continue the conversation around the acceleration of flex office!

State Of Flex: A Deep Dive Into The Data

We all need a debrief on what the data, research, and future holds for the flex office industry. The acceleration of the flex office has warranted many reports on the flex industry, and an evaluation and understanding of what the data says is critical to ensure you are aligned in your workspace strategies. 

capitalizing on change: how coworking operators capture corporate occupiers

During this webinar, our panelists discuss the increasing demand for hybrid workspaces and flexible coworking options, as well as understand the needs of corporate occupiers in order to drive revenue.

Membership Sales:
Best Practices And Sales Techniques

There are many facets to developing a sales strategy, and in this month’s webinar you’ll hear from multiple operators with varying membership clientele share their diverse experiences and tactics. Be sure to tune in to get cutting-edge strategies and that you can use to differentiate your sales techniques.

wellness design
in the
flex office space

Now more than ever, health and wellness design aspects of workspaces is on the rise. So what does it look like to design a space that focuses on productivity and growth while also promoting the health and well-being of its members? Check out this webinar to here these operators share their thoughts.

flex office: the sustainable answer to the future of real estate

Be sure to tune into this webinar recording to hear what the specific role of flexible office looks like in the sustainable future when it comes to commercial real estate, how you contribute to the sustainable performance of your customers, and what steps flex office operators can take now to create a more sustainable workplace.

Unlocking The Value Of flexible real estate

In this informative discussion, our panelists address questions such as “Where is the market now in terms of having a suitable valuation framework?“, “What is the value of technology across a flexible office operation?“, and “What fundamental questions need to be answered to get perspective on profitability models that speak to the lending community?”

how do landlords see the evolution of the office landscape

To kick off our 2021 webinar series, we invited Dave Cairns, Co-Founder of CBRE Forward along with Thais Galli, Founder of Studio by Tishman Speyer and Rachel Wachtel, SVP of Flexible Workspace at Brookfield Properties to share their expert insights into the evolution of the office landscape. 

Four Financial Metrics Your Coworking Space Should Track

Learn how to identify your business’s most critical KPI’s and understand these four major KPI’s: Gross margin, net income, customer acquisition cost, and lifetime value of a customer.

CLICK HERE for Presentation Slides

future-proofing and de-risking your flex office operation

Looking to better understand the blind spots for a flexible workspace surrounding management agreements, technology and the occupier experience in a post-Covid office market? Hear from these highly respected industry leaders as they discuss critical components to enabling flexibility across an office portfolio

How to Attract, Hire, and Retain an A-Team That Drives Results

This Coworking Council virtual event, led by the GWA’s Executive Director, Jamie Russo, dives into an incredibly detailed presentation full of best practices for attracting, training, retaining, and scaling your team.

EOS: Are You Running Your Business or Is Your Business Running You?

Katina Koller, EOS expert and co-founder of shared workspace, Anexo Works in Tucson to walk us through breaking down the basics of the Six Key Components using the EOS Foundation Tools™ to make sure we are running as smart and efficiently as possible.

Orchestrating Leadership Systems for your Team

In this session of the Coworking Council Series live webinar, Cassie Niekamp of Cultivate Advisors dives into the strategies you need to orchestrate leadership systems for your coworking team.

2020 Industry Benchmark Survey Highlights

Craig Baute, founder of Creative Density and DenSwap, shares his insights into GWA’s 2019 Industry Benchmark Survey. He discusses the value of benchmarking data for operators, what the data says about marketing tactics, and much more.

A Deep Dive Into the Coworking P&L

Watch this session to learn about some of the most important financial topics.

Laurent Dhollande of Pacific Workplaces gives us an insight into their companies P&L statements.

Facebook Ads for Coworking Spaces

Jordan Choo, Managing Partner at Kogneta, helps you learn the basics of launching and optimizing a Facebook Ads campaign to drive high paying customers to your coworking space at scale.

Virtual Mail Q&A with Lori Spiess

In this Quarterly Q&A session, Lori Spiess, Founder and CEO of OffiCenters, dives into how coworking spaces can implement a virtual mail program as another revenue stream.

How to Use Omni-Channel Marketing in Your Business

In this virtual event, Eric Zellhart from LiquidSpace shared about both digital channels and traditional offline channels, including debating the time and cost of each channel as well as tracking conversion analytics by channel.

Accelerate and Grow Your Membership with Top-tier Employee Benefits

April Marsland and Peter Zinn from TriNet shared how their services can help you attract and retain members. Thanks to our strategic alliance with TriNet, as a GWA member, YOU AND YOUR MEMBERS are able to receive up to 50% savings on HR Services.

Healthy Financial Checkup for 2020

In this session of the Coworking Council Series live webinar, Sean Eikerman of Cultivate Advisors breaks down the financial opportunities you may be unaware of that can potentially create massive success in your business in 2020 and beyond

Is Your Educational Programming Falling Short

In the session titled, “Is Your Educational Programming Falling Short?” Cassi Niekamp with Cultivate Advisors dived deep into how to drive high-quality educational programming within your four walls to foster member engagement, how to attract great speakers, and ultimately increase member acquisition through community engagement.

HR Insider Tips

In the session titled, “HR Insider Tips,” Jamie Russo spoke with Tracy Wilson of Pacific Workplaces about strategies and best practices she’s implemented over the years to manage the HR function of the business.

Using a Needs-Based Strategy to Sign-Up Members Faster

Watch this week’s Coworking Council session to learn how focusing on a needs-based sales strategy can help you to get to the heart of your future member more quickly.

Owning Versus Renting Your Flexible Office Space

If you’re thinking about buying a building for your coworking business, be sure to check to watch this recording.

Additional Resources:

How to Staff As You Scale

Three industry leaders shared with us their approach to structuring their teams as they have scaled. Kane Willmott, CEO and Co-founder of iQ Offices, Bill Jacobson, founder and now Board Manager at Workbar, and Scott Chambers of Pacific Workplaces all share their experience on growing their locations.

Systems for Your Success

Simone Ashkar, a business advisor with Cultivate Advisors, provides examples of turn-key systems to help make your organization a success, as well as ways to implement them in the slides below.

*no recording available

Content Marketing for Flexible Office Spaces

Cat Johnson, writer, and influencer in the Shared Workspace Industry explains how content marketing can help differentiate your shared workspace, attract new members, and boost SEO.

Attract, Grow, and Retain Rockstar Talent

Learn about the many options of attracting talent (pull-method), behavioral interviewing, and recruitment sales for your coworking space. Featuring Vince Carone, of Cultivate Advisors.

Setting Up Your 2018 for Explosive Growth

Need help setting up your new year to create explosive growth? Vince Carone of Cultivate Advisors has you covered. Click the links below to catch up on this coworking council session on how to achieve growth this year.

How to Use Data to Make Better Decisions

Curious how understanding digital marketing can help grow your business? Watch this recordings led by Joe Valentine of SoMe Connect as he shares How to Use Marketing Data to Make Better Decisions.

How to Generate More Revenue with Search Engine Marketing

Do you want to learn about how you can increase your revenue with search engine tools and marketing? View the recording below to view this in-depth presentation covering new and existing SEM tools and best practices for your shared workspace marketing needs.

Corporate Coworking As Innovation Driver

In today’s recording, Gabor Nagy covers how coworking space owners can learn the drivers and benefits from corporate coworking initiatives in order to apply them to improve their own spaces.

Designing with The End in Mind

With new spaces popping up in the market, creating a great space is more important than ever. How do you stand out in the crowded space of flexible office? Does everyone know you as your brand? The answer to these questions are below.

Virtual Offices: How to Explore Revenue Growth

In this virtual event, Barry Gesserman analyzes the shifting marketplace dynamics and the competitive landscape, and how workspace operators need to re-evaluate their virtual office strategy if they want to accelerate virtual client growth and boost revenue and profits. Check out the full recordings below.

how To Prepare For What's Next; Knowing Your Exit Strategy

In this webinar, GWA Board President and industry veteran, William Edmundson will be joined by Willie Gutierrez, COO of Premier Workspaces, Annette Reizburg, Flex Space Consultant and Casey Godwin of Flexspace Advisors to walk us through the various exit strategy options available to choose from to ensure your organization is prepared.

Tech and Tools for Coworking Spaces

In this week’s event, we hear directly from coworking space operators on the tech and tools that help them optimize their member experience and staff operations.
CLICK HERE for a list of the most utilized tools

Website Commandments: How to Create the Perfect Coworking Website

Watch this Coworking Council event to get a sneak-peak into Kevin Whelan’s mini-course: The 10 Website Commandments: How to Create a Perfect Coworking Space Website.

Setting Up Your 2019 For Explosive Growth

Plan your new year in this Coworking Council session. Cultivate Advisors creates systems and plans to help you achieve explosive growth in 2019.

Demystifing the Management Services Agreement

In this month’s Coworking Council event, Casey Godwin (Flexspace Advisors) and Mara Hauser (25N Coworking) give an insightful presentation on their process for looking at management agreements and partnerships with landlords across the country.

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