Karli Wies

US Winner

Being the Community Manager at Coco for the last 2 years, I’ve had the privilege of living and breathing in a space that encourages me to not only benefit the company I work for but also to constantly strive for the betterment of the individuals and companies I work alongside. What motivates me most is to walk beside individuals and teams as they learn, grow, and thrive. After searching for what drives my job satisfaction for the first few years of my professional career, I never really felt the spark that told me, “This is what I’m meant to do.” The spark is here in coworking and at Coco. I’m inspired every single day by the innovation that surrounds me at work, and having the opportunity to be someone who organically connects members of our community that have shared interests – business-related or personal – has proved to be more rewarding than I would have ever thought. Working with a team that cares for this community with such sincerity and admiration for what coworking can do has made it such an honor to do the work that I do as a Community Manager.

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