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How It Works

The GWA has partnered with TriNet to offer our members AND your members access to health benefits. Continue below to get your own quote. Send your members to: to request their own quote.

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Let us know your name, email and phone number and we'll reach out to you within 24 hours. It only takes a few seconds!

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Our TriNet representative will call or email you to answer any questions you have about health insurance plans, workers' comp or payroll regulations and benefits.

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TriNet will provide options for plans and pricing within 24-48 hours. They'll schedule an In-person or virtual meeting to review all of your options and answer any final questions.

Why TriNet?

We know that access to benefits is one of the big challenges for you and your members. TriNet is a best-in-class HR solutions provider and we’ve partnered with them to help our members and your members to access HR solutions. Only GWA members are eligible and in-turn, only your members are eligible. We can help you to create membership plans that allow your members to access your Trinet plans even when they leave – increasing the lifetime value of the membership for both you and your member. Not a GWA Member? Join today and start benefiting.

What's Included


Trinet's HR professionals are here to provide all the HR support and guidance you need. Have a question? Ask away, we're here to help.


Our comprehensive health care plans provide coverage to any size company from medical, life and disability to commuter benefits, vision, dental, and even pet insurance.


TriNet takes care of time-consuming, administrative tasks like payroll and taxes so that you can focus on the things that really matter.


Protect your employees (and yourself) when work-related injuries happen. Your employees get treatment quickly, and with no need to prove the employer at fault, lawsuits against employers are reduced.


TriNet’s proven HR risk management abilities help ensure you, that your business is always in compliance, in any state. Reduce your risk as an employer when Trinet takes control.


GWA members save up to 50% on full HR costs.

How to share your benefits

Do you own or operate a shared office space? As a GWA member, you can provide your members with access to large group employee medical benefits, HR administration, and other perks. Add value to your membership with TriNet’s full-service HR solutions, at an unbeatable price. Direct your members to where they can fill out a form to speak directly to a TriNet representative. Get in contact with a trinet representative if you would like to host a lunch and learn, if you need marketing materials, or for more information about how to share your membership discount.

Add this discount to your membership perk list or package it with your monthly subscriptions. Keep ahead of the competition with GWA Member’s Healthcare!