COVID-19 Resources for the Flexible Office Industry


Coronavirus: A Guide to Preparing Your Flexible Office Space

A guide to keep you up to date on what you need to know about the coronavirus and protecting your flexible office space.


Coronavirus: FAQs for Flexible Office Spaces

A compilation of questions and answers we've received from the flexible office community.


Coronavirus: Communication to Members

Click here to view a communication example to members from GWA member iQ Office Suites

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Coronavirus: Sample Signage for Office Space

Click here to see an example of signage posted throughout GWA Member space, Enerspace Coworking.

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Coronavirus: Landlord Letter

GWA Member and CEO of Pacific Workplaces, Laurent Dhollande, shares a sample letter you can use to send to your landlord during a crisis situation such as COVID-19. Click here to see the letter and his notes from the 'How To Talk To Your Landlord During a Crisis' webinar.

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Virtual Mail: FAQ for Flexible Office Oeprators

A list of frequently asked questions to help you navigate a virtual mail business.

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Coronavirus: Business Risk Planning for Your Flexible Office Space

In this webinar, our panelists provided many tips and actions they are taking to continue operations while they remain open and in the event of a closure - forced or voluntary. We also invited a labor relations attorney to weigh in.

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How to Start and Leverage a Virtual Mail Business

Many operators want to know how to assist their members if their space is closed, and how to continue generating revenue now and in the future. In this webinar, our panelists discuss their success in implementing a virtual mail business. Some of the questions answered are how to market my virtual mail business, how can virtual mail help attract new members, what platforms are available and how to find one, and how to make virtual mail work if your flexible office space is closed.

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Virtual Tours and Events: How To Engage And Grow Your Coworking Space Membership

In a world that's gone almost entirely virtual due to COVID-19, it's time to get more creative than ever to engage with your current member community and find ways to bring new members in. In this webinar recording, we talk with operators that are doing just that by creating virtual events open to both their community and prospective members. We also had the opportunity to peak inside their space while hundreds of miles away through a virtual tour tool posted on their sites.

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How To Talk With Your Landlord During A Crisis

Having 'that' discussion can be a tough one to navigate but for many operators, it needs to be done. So how do you prepare? What should you be asking for? What is reasonable to ask of your landlord? In this webinar, we invited two GWA Members that represent the operator and landlord points of views respectively to have an honest discussion of how best to approach talking through your options with your landlord during a time of crisis.

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Finances, Communications, and Marketing During Covid-19

Kevin Whelan, Founder of marketing consulting firm Everspaces teamedup with Sean Eikerman of Cultivate Advisors to bring you a webinar that will give you strategies and tactics for surviving and building in next few months and beyond.

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Q&A: CARES Act SBA Relief

GWA Member, Kim Lee of Work At Forge, hosted a very in depth Q&A session with CPA Adam West of Warren Everett around the CARES Act and what it really means for small business. This webinar is not only helpful for your operations but is full of information you can relay to your members.

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