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Flexible Office RFPs Simplified – Find the Right Solution for Your Short-term Corporate Real Estate Needs

  Interested in providing flexible office options for your employees but not sure where to start? The good news is that the diversity of flexible office options are evolving daily. And there are companies that specialize in making the procurement process easy on you. You’ve probably heard of WeWork and Regus. Here’s an extended list…

Shared Workspace Report (From the Occupier Perspective) – Our Key Takeaways

CBRE just published a second report summarizing their research on shared workspace. This report focuses on the perspective of the occupier. We pulled three key highlights that we thought were the most important considerations for the shared space operator. To download the full report: Click here to download the CBRE shared workspace report – from the occupier perspective #1: Shared…

SWOT Analysis Guide Available

Justin Gomer, Lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley, and soon-to-be author of two books and Jackson Hillea Content Associate at FormSwift and the 2013-14 Departmental Citation Recipient in American Studies from the University of California, Berkeley have prepared a SWOT analysis guide and offered it to GWA members.