TriNet Partnership Brings Value to GWA Members

TriNet Partnership Brings Value to GWA Members

“TriNet has more coworking and shared space companies on its platform than any other outsource HR solution in the country,” explained TriNet representatives Peter Zinn and April Marsland during a recent Global Workspace Association webinar. “We’re really proud of that.”

TriNet, a full-service HR platform, has partnered with the GWA to offer their full suite of Fortune 500 employee benefits to GWA member spaces at a fraction of the cost.

With over 325,000 employees using their platform, TriNet is a leader in HR outsource services, and their list of coworking clients is a major part of their audience. TriNet forged a relationship with WeWork seven years ago, and provides everything from hiring to benefits to health coverage services to them along with countless other coworking companies.

What Does TriNet Offer?

TriNet manages hiring process, payroll, and HR concerns for clients. In addition, they have a technology platform, and they monitor risk management and compliance concerns on the personnel side of the business—freeing up your member companies to work toward whatever they do best.

In addition, TriNet offers a marketplace that offers discounts on a wide variety of products and services as a benefit available to all employees of a member company.


Not only does TriNet allow your clients to circumvent the headache of payroll, but it also ensures payroll is legally compliant, offers real-time payroll preview for employees, establishes a platform for employees to address concerns, sets up direct deposit, and manages time off requests.

TriNet is able to interface with QuickBooks and other reporting software, and keeps appropriate documentation for compliance. They also prepare and deliver W-2s, and file state and federal tax forms on behalf of the company. In addition, TriNet offers 401k and other retirement packages—a perk which allows your space to offer clients a sought-after perk of a traditional corporate job.

If employees have questions, they can call TriNet’s call center, which can walk them through their concerns and benefit plans on an individual basis.

Health Benefits

TriNet’s partnership also allows GWA-member space to select from a variety of health benefits that they can offer clients in their space. TriNet then manages these benefits, communication with employees regarding benefits, and fielding employee questions and concerns.

Here are a few of the health-related benefits available:

  • Medical (PPO, HMO, HDHP)
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HAS) administration
  • Life/AD&D
  • Short-term and long-term disability
  • 401(k) setup and administration
  • Payroll contributions

Based on what your space offers, TriNet can provide customized (or customizable) website content, brochures, and other marketing collateral to help make the onboarding to the new benefits program as seamless as possible.

Cost Effective Options for Clients

The GWA partnership with TriNet allows GWA member companies to offer TriNet benefits as a service to all the clients in their space—regardless of whether those clients would traditionally be large enough to find TriNet cost-effective outside their coworking space.

If a client leaves a GWA-member coworking space, however, their prices for membership in TriNet would go back to regular rates—sometimes jumping as much as 65 percent.

This benefit not only makes TriNet’s tools accessible to all your members, regardless of the size of their company; it can also be an important selling point for potential new clients. In addition to its other services, TriNet also tracks legal changes affecting HR for companies, ensuring their protocols for hiring, payroll, and other HR-related tasks that can often be time-consuming as well as far outside the expertise of an entrepreneur, making TriNet a significant added value in many situations.

In addition to attracting new clients, the TriNet partnership works to retain clients as well. Since TriNet service prices jump so drastically without membership in a GWA-member coworking space, many locations may find the partnership a reason for clients to maintain their relationship with the coworking space, even if they switch to a virtual membership.

“This creates a stickiness in your space,” explained TriNet representatives.

Marketing TriNet to Clients

In addition to their HR services, TriNet explained they are more than willing to work with GWA-member spaces to create a customized marketing campaign to help space members understand TriNet benefits.

“We want to work in tandem with you to grow your membership. Your prospects are our prospects,” they explained.

They can customize a benefits webpage with a call to action that redirects them to TriNet, send out email campaigns, or even individually call members to make sure they understand the benefits available to them through TriNet and answer any questions they might have.

The goal, the TriNet team explained, is to make TriNet services feel tailored to each individual coworking space, their business model, and their community.

“We’re going to be able to create customized materials that you can provide to your members to promote this program, so that…it’s a benefit you’re offering. It’s a part of membership in your space,” they explained.

Get Started with TriNet

If you are a GWA member interested in partnering with TriNet to offer HR services to your clients, you can easily schedule a brief call to discuss launch plan, which can include a TriNet-sponsored happy hour (or lunch) at your location, a co-branded outreach campaign, or announcements. For more information, or to set up a call, contact Peter Zinn or April Marsland at or

If you are not already a GWA member but are interested in taking advantage of this member benefit along with our many others, please visit our membership page to learn more about how the GWA can help you provide the best coworking experience for your clients.

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