eBook “OUT OF THE OFFICE – LOVE WHERE YOU WORK” Now Available at Amazon, Apple and Google Online Stores


Carlos Gonçalves

The international version of the book “Out of the Office – Love Where you Work”, written by GWA Member Carlos Gonçalves, CEO of Avila Business Centers, is now available via Amazon, Apple and Google online stores. The eBook, presents Google, Facebook, Starbucks and other multinational companies case studies.

The book provides several real cases and describes stories of people and companies, national and international, that became more efficient and productive by investing in the adoption of new work models – such as the Virtual Offices, Telework and Coworking, innovative work spaces and collaborative technology.

“This book comes to question the paradigm of the traditional office as we know it so far,” said Gonçalves. “Entrepreneurs and organizations of small dimension are following the example of multinationals, which are demonstrating that labor flexibility and new work models based on technology and on flexible solutions, such as coworking, are essential to their performance. The motivation of professionals and productivity increases, as well as the balance between personal and professional life, depend increasingly more on the work spaces.

The new international version of the book incorporates all the trends and best practices which gained importance throughout the last year such as environmental sustainability. The book includes examples of EDP Headquarters in Spain, the latest studies of the multinational company, Steelcase, and the need design and adapt workspaces form more introverted professionals.

The book also presents other inspiring examples from the United Kingdom, such as eOffice, the first Coworking space in Europe and also one of the first in the world, as well as Officenter, a business center based in Belgium that created a network of work spaces based on an innovative model of crowdfunding/

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