Access And Data: How Brivo is Empowering Flexible Office Spaces During G COVID-19

For Jonathan Polon, the Senior Director of Business Development for Brivo, the fallout from the COVID-19…

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How Workspace Geek is Helping Coworking Spaces During the Pandemic

“It’s a new world,” said Becky Stokes of Workspace Geek, talking about the sudden shift…

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Virtual Memberships and Client Relationships: An Interview with SphereMail’s Hasan Mirjan

For Hasan Mirjan, Founder and CEO of SphereMail, said that, as a virtual membership service…

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“Virtual Is the New Reality”: An Interview with iPostal1’s Barry Gesserman

“Virtual is the new reality,” is Barry Gesserman’s take on COVID-19 and its implications for…

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Families First Coronavirus Response Act: What it means for Coworking Spaces

The COVID-19 pandemic has come with a host of new requirements, laws, and guidelines surrounding…

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Experimenting Pays Off: An Interview with IOS Offices’ Javier Garcia

“Doing things well doesn’t cost more,” is Javier Garcia’s philosophy when it comes to building…

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Coronavirus (COVID-19): What Coworking Spaces Should Know

In the midst of a global panic about coronavirus, it seems like the official guidance…

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4 Coworking Trends for 2020

By Jamie Russo, Executive Director, Global Workspace Association (GWA) As we look at the new…

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‘Tech-enabled mobility’ a major driver of productivity with multigenerational workforce

Guest post submitted by Dan Bladen, co-founder and CEO Chargifi A recent survey published by…

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