Lucia Diana


Lucia Diana is a subject matter expert within the Verizon Global Real Estate Group (GRE). She is recognized for her unique ability in creating win-win solutions and delivering on successful national transaction projects. While promoting the Group’s strategic initiatives, Lucia primarily focuses on the monetization of Verizon’s real estate assets Lucia’s efforts have resulted in several impactful programs because of her persistent focus on the particular needs of the internal Verizon Client, along with her networking, collaboration and consensus building skills. Lucia is considered a thought leader with the GRE Coworking Initiative and the Flexible Office Solutions (FOS) program. She enjoys spearheading various projects: Coworking supported enhancing brand visibility and generating community engagement as well as access to various startups. Through FOS, Verizon can now routinely redeploy employees out of traditional market leased locations and into locations with flexible term operators. Lucia believes that by combining business and social trends and an “outside the box” mindset, real estate can be showcase in a unique way. Her passion is to continually strive for successful stakeholder engagement both internally and externally. Lucia earned a BS in Finance from Lehigh University and completed the Real Estate diploma program at NYU. Lucia also serves on the GWA Advisory Board.

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