The FlexOffice 2018 coworking conference, hosted by the GWA and NAIOP, is proud to announce that real estate innovation expert Antony Slumbers will provide our keynote address.

Slumbers has tracked technological innovation in the real estate sector for more than three decades, and he’s worked with groups ranging from commercial real estate managers to professional services organizations to help them harness the power of up-and-coming technology. His expertise at the coworking conference will provide you with new ideas for how to make technology work for you, and how to help keep your space on the cutting edge.

Throughout his career—which began as an art dealer and moved to a career in real estate as a developer and five-time startup founder—Slumbers has watched technology explode in every corner of his industry, just like many coworking space owners have witnessed. From commonplace advancements like fiber to often-intimidating write-ups on artificial intelligence, the sheer volume of technological advances makes the topic integral to this year’s coworking conference.

As technology continues to develop, many flexible office spaces struggle to simply keep up with the best tools and tricks for their own workflow—never mind growing expectations from members for advanced technological ability in their workspace. That’s why we at the GWA are excited to hear a technological guru like Slumbers help us form a better mindset surrounding technology and real estate at our coworking conference this September.

Service, Not Product

What does artificial intelligence have to do with your coworking space? Quite a lot, as Slumbers will discuss. As advanced technology—such as the AI that is changing and improving on a daily basis—absorbs more of what has traditionally been thought of as human-only, non-machine work, all business are going to have to adapt. Many of our members have already adapted to a workforce that looks significantly different (and much more flexible) than previous iterations—that’s why they came to us in the first place. As technology continues to change what the workforce needs humans for, the nature of work, Slumbers says—and that means space owners and managers are going to have to be prepared to change, too.

The #SpaceAsAService model is Slumbers’ current focus—and, at our coworking conference, we’ll learn why it needs to be ours as well. Our spaces—our real estate—isn’t a product anymore; it’s a service. Slumbers will guide us through this shift in mindset, addressing the obstacles many companies face, and the distinguishing factors between businesses that navigate technological changes well and ones that don’t.

Finally, Slumbers will offer his five-step plan for our coworking conference attendees to use as they navigate the year to come. Slumbers’ outlook on the real estate and business scene outlines a distinct space for coworking, and his address at the coworking conference will not only help us better understand the position of our field in the greater picture of business, but it will also help us understand the actionable steps to make the most out of the changing tech scene.

As he has written elsewhere, Slumbers’ concept of Space as a Service is rooted in the same principles as on-demand ride services like Uber and Lyft, subscription-based music services like Spotify, and even the move of programs like Microsoft Office Suite from a product you bought once to a service you buy continually.

These types of products have shifted to services for the same reasons real estate (and our coworking spaces) need to: because the need for the product is being decreased, somehow, by technology. Coworking offers a solution for companies, freelancers, and small businesses whose need for large amounts of office space has been largely replaced by powerful technology that allows them to do the same work with either fewer people or fewer face-to-face interactions (or both).

You won’t want to miss out on this keynote address at the coworking conference, where Slumbers will use his vast experience and technological know-how to help attendees understand what their business needs to look like in 2018 and 2019 to keep their coworking spaces on the cutting edge.

About Antony Slumbers

Slumbers has been involved in multiple startups, including some with FTSE 100 companies. He has also spent 12 years designing, developing, and hosting major websites in Europe and the UK. In 2001, he began a property management and tenant engagement platform called as a joint venture with the 2nd largest REIT in the UK. Now, Slumbers runs, an office research site, and the SaaS software company When he isn’t writing or speaking to groups all over the world, he’s focusing on his two areas of technological specialty: #SpaceAsAService and Artificial Intelligence.
Slumbers blogs about a whole host of technological advances that affect businesses all over the globe. However, Slumbers doesn’t just offer advice on how this technology works (although he does that, too). Rather, he also examines the implications of a real estate industry fundamentally altered by technology. As Slumbers brings his experience and skill to the coworking conference, he comes prepared to help us look at our spaces for how they function as pieces of real estate—and what those functions mean for the future.

Slumbers currently offers consulting services on a short and long-term basis for companies looking for help with strategy, innovation, product development and project management. In addition to consulting, he also regularly writes both for his own blog and for other publications about how technology is impacting real estate and the digital strategies companies need to make the adjustment to the new market more successful.



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