The GWA Conference Moves to Brooklyn, NY



We started this tagline for last years conference and we kept it. And boy, is it holding true this year.

#BetterTogether means helping each other navigate our quickly evolving industry through weekly newsletters and a record year of blog content.

#BetterTogether means sharing sensitive business data that helped us to create a kick-butt 2017 Industry Financial Report to provide invaluable benchmarking data for both new and experienced operators.

#BetterTogether is when we all get together and enjoy a business conversation over a mojito in Miami at a beautiful hotel on the beach. Ok…. so that one didn’t actually happen...we got really sidelined on that one, didn’t we? (Pro tip: Don’t schedule a conference in Miami during hurricane season).

Well, you know how those crazy optimists say everything happens for a reason? Sometimes, that’s just how it turns out.

We’re about to blow the #BetterTogether theme out of the water and we’re calling it The Office Evolution. But to us it’s the Office Revolution.

The Office Evolution

We are combining forces with NAIOP, The Commercial Real Estate Development Association, for one landmark event. The Office Evolution will offer GWA conference attendees, exhibitors and speakers unprecedented access to developers, asset owners, investors and other forward- thinkers in the commercial real estate industry.

This real estate crew is one tight crowd and we just got you on the VIP list.

You now have access to the GWA conference content AND the Office Evolution conference content. The GWA network AND the NAIOP network.  #BetterTogether.

We’re taking the show on the road to Brooklyn, NY. We’ll be at the Marriott Brooklyn Bridge Hotel November 9-10 with opening festivities the evening of the 8th. Room block details will be released shortly.

Conference Tickets

Here’s how conferences work: you spend a BUNCH of money up front to run the thing and hope you sell enough tickets and sponsorships to make the whole deal work and cover some of your overhead for the year so that you can keep the lights on and plan the next event. If your event is interrupted by, say, a Category 5 hurricane and you have to relocate, all of a sudden your expenses go WAY up because the 5,980 hours you spent planning the event turn into 8,456 hours as you RE-PLAN the event.

Don’t do the math on that, it’s scary.

So as fellow operators, vendors, and advocates of the industry that want to enjoy a 2018 GWA conference, please understand that we cannot offer refunds. You may transfer your ticket to another individual for 2017. We cannot roll tickets to 2018.

Now it’s time to stop reading this long-winded blog post and go get your flights for Brooklyn. November, crisp autumn air, a long weekend of holiday shopping in Manhattan. Thin-crust pizza. A stroll in Central Park. Did I mention the early holiday shopping? Go book your flights and watch your email for hotel details.

We’ll see you in Brooklyn!!

- The GWA Board

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