2015 GWA Industry Financial Study Available Now – FREE for Member Participants & Associate Members!

financialGWA’s 2015 Financial Study of the industry is now available. The study is $499 for non-members; $249 for members but is FREE for members who participated in the study – and FREE for all current Associate Members!

What are the profitability indicators of serviced workspaces? Do larger workspaces in terms of square footage correlate with larger profits? How does the data for high profit locations differ from others? Is the public more aware of business centers or coworking spaces? The answers are in the 2015 GWA Financial Study!

All companies participating will receive a confidential Company Performance Report Card which presents a company’s own ratios and data and ‘grades’ their figures based on quartiles in the industry.

The 2015 GWA Financial Study is based on year-end 2014 data collected from 52 companies representing 329 serviced workspace locations. The survey provides analysis of pricing, occupancy, profitability, break-even points, and other trends. The study includes same center/location comparable date for providers for the past six years allowing a very accurate depiction of trends. The GWA Financial study represents the most complete, accurate and up-to-date database of workspace-as-a-service providers’ financial and operating data published anywhere.

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