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Succeeding in the On Demand Work Environment

By Kelly Bedsole, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, METRO OFFICES

When I started my career working with my Mom, Kathlene Buchanan, at Metro Offices Metro Offices 15 years ago, there were no smart phones. The ubiquity of email on mobile devices and portable computers didn’t exist. The concept of seamlessly conducting business anywhere was so far off from our traditional viewpoint of “work” that no one could have predicted how technology would have changed the work environment.

Technology today has revolutionized the idea of the standard 8-5 office job, what an office environment needs to be, and even more importantly, the opportunity to leverage a distributed workforce. The advent of email, web services, cloud computing, VOIP, and video conferencing has initiated a global expansion of new companies who are able to conduct business without the limit of borders or time zones. Our industry is in an unprecedented time of growth and opportunity to meet the needs of these new workplace demands.

The “new normal” economic realities require smart use of capital for businesses of all sizes. As global markets get more competitive, companies are becoming more aggressive to innovate and make more productive work environments for employees. Employers want more flexibility, productive collaboration and turnkey technology solutions. But along the same vein, the workforce of America is changing their perspective as well. Employees are now starting to expect the kind of flexibility that workplaces on demand offer.

As an industry, this is our chance to capitalize on the wave that is sweeping through corporate America and entrepreneurial businesses alike: flexible, turnkey workplace solutions that combine physical space needs with technology. In the high growth DC Metro region, Metro Offices is leading the way by providing innovative workplace solutions for entrepreneurs, government agencies and contractors.

Leaders in our industry have an opportunity to differentiate their business and brands by taking the higher road. Not competing on price but on how we as an organization can help businesses adapt and thrive with their workforce, profitably and efficiently. We encourage the OBCAI and its members to join Metro Offices in investing in our businesses and clients. Not only is this good business, we will also be an even more profitable industry. Moreover, because of our geographical focus, we understand the business community and its needs better than any national competitors in our market.

In our view, the key to our business success in meeting the needs of today’s workplace environment include the following:

  • Adaptive physical locations with sophisticated architectural elements and a mix of office, community and meeting space to meet the various needs of our clients
  • Flexible contracts for virtual, high growth and multi-office solutions
  • Easy to use technology for broadband, telephony, video conferencing, web services and cloud based services
  • The ability to create strategic workplace solutions that net outstanding ROI’s, provide and optimal ongoing solution from a productivity standpoint, and allow a work/life balance cultural transition for organizations internally
  • Create solutions that support the demands of today’s distributed and blended workforces
  • Best in breed technology, enterprise level IT solutions and network administration; VoIP, Unified Communications and Virtual PBX should be on every provider’s services portfolio.

We are proud to be active members of OBCAI and look forward to sharing, learning and succeeding in the On Demand Workplace environment.

3 Responses to “Succeeding in the On Demand Work Environment”

  1. Paul Elgin says:

    This is a great posting. It seems as if other industries are adapting a ‘products on demand’ strategy as they are reluctant to produce stocks of goods in the hopes of future sales. Rather, they are taking orders and fulfilling or producing sales on demand. The good companies can handle this without too much lag. Those who cannot respond quickly will drop out.

    ‘Having the ability (through technology) to instantly create an office presence in a particular market is huge.

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